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Like sponges, mesoporous silica nanoparticles (MSNs) can adsorb exceptionally large quantities of molecules in their interior spaces (pores) thanks to their high surface area. Five grams of MSNs possess the same surface area as an American football field. This high porosity can be controlled and adjusted by carefully synthesizing MSNs with a particular pore size. High quality mesoporous silica particles with uniform pore sizes and consistent pore structure can act as “advanced nanosponges” by only adsorbing molecules within a specific size range into their cavities. Uses for mesoporous silica range from catalysis and environmental chemical removal to biomedicine where they are widely used as drug delivery system (DDS). Their high surface area, easy surface modification, and biocompatibility make them the material of choice for targeted delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients for cancer therapy and other therapies and treatments. Learn more about mesoporous silica ❯

nanoComposix mesoporous silica particles are available with:

  • 100 nm diameter with CVs of <18%.
  • Silica available with bare silica and amine-terminated surfaces.
  • Provided either as a dried powder or at 5 mg/mL in ethanol.
  • TEM, DLS and BET data provided with every batch

Other MSN materials are available by request, with customizations such as: custom sizes (60–250 nm), custom surfaces (hydrophobic, carboxylated, PEGylated, outer vs. inner functionalization etc.), custom pore structures (radial, larger pore size), and larger quantities. Gold, silver, and iron oxide nanoparticles with a mesoporous silica shell and other core-shell structures are also available by custom request.

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