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Optical and Scattering Properties

Due to their high uniformity in size and shape, these Au nanospheres scatter a single color of light under dark field microscope imaging (shown below). The high purity of their light scattering signatures makes these nanospheres perfect scattering labels for imaging and building blocks for plasmonic nanostructures and devices. Shown below are dark field images of the scattered light from 50 nm (left) and 100 nm (right) Ultra Uniform Gold Nanospheres.

Custom Synthesis

Need something a little different? Like many of our nanomaterials, we can customize the size and surface functionality of the Ultra Uniform Gold Nanospheres for your application.

The Ultra Uniform particles can be coated with polystyrene and dispersed into organic solvents, conjugated to antibodies for biological recognition, or modified in many other ways.

Contact us to tell us more about your application and to learn about custom options for this material.