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Contract Manufacturing Capabilities

NanoComposix is a world leader in nanomaterial research and development, manufacturing, and processing. Since 2004, we have developed innovative solutions to meet the specific product requirements of our customers in fields ranging from material manufacturing to medical diagnostics. Project scale ranges from custom fabrication requests to collaborative development projects where we solve R&D and scale-up challenges for the commercial launch of nano-enabled products.

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At nanoComposix we have completed over a thousand custom projects ranging from self-healing aerospace composites to targeted cancer drug delivery. In almost every case we’ve been most successful when we have brought the customer’s end metric in-house. By understanding and having the analytical measurements necessary to determine if both the nanoparticle fabrication and integration are successful, we can rapidly iterate the nanoparticle chemistry and processing to achieve your goal. Below are just a few examples of our areas of expertise – please contact us to find out more about our capabilities and expertise.

Synthetic Fabrication Examples

Nanoparticle Integration Examples

Why Choose nanoComposix?

Scientific Rigor

We select performance metrics based on the requirements of the final product, and identify the critical parameters for the development of high yield, scalable and reproducible manufacturing and processing methods.

Full Disclosure

Interested in seeing weekly or monthly summaries of our data and results? We provide written reports, access to lab notebooks, and regular conference calls to answer questions and collaboratively make strategic decisions about project direction.


Our interdisciplinary team has a proven history of developing innovative solutions to tough problems and delivering cost-effective solutions that exceeds our customers’ expectations.


Our partnership, as well as all work and data associated with the R&D effort, will remain fully confidential.

Whether you work for a government agency, non-profit foundation, academic institution, or commercial business, the nanoComposix team can help you. To put us to work on your toughest challenges, please contact us.

Facilities and Equipment

Over the years we’ve assembled an extensive set of analytical and manufacturing equipment that allows us to rapidly prototype solutions for our customers. Our 14,000 square foot state-of-the-art laboratory has a wide array of manufacturing and analytical equipment including a 800 square foot ISO 7 cleanroom and various labs containing the following equipment:

Optical Equipment

Nanoparticle Characterization

Other Analytical

Chemical Synthesis


Lateral Flow

Cell Culture