NanoComposix is a profitable, privately held early stage R&D company that was founded in 2004. The company has three revenue units:

Internal Innovation

  • Leverage SBIR/STTR funding to develop early stage technology and associated IP for commercialization.
  • Innovative, internally generated technologies are taken through prototype and pilot scale development. Value propositions are developed for specific markets and customers. A patent and trade secret strategy is constructed to maximize protection and ROI for future licensees. When a sufficiently large market has been validated, external funds are raised to take the idea to market.

Client R&D

  • Utilize our proprietary nanoscale toolkits to solve problems for industrial, government, and academic customers.
  • Companies, government agencies, and universities approach us to solve their nanofabrication and integration challenges.  The nature of the engagement depends on the size and scope of the project and can range from custom fabrication requests to long term R&D agreements where nanoComposix becomes a contract manufacturer for our client's nanotechnology enabled products.

Product Sales

  • Commercialization of precisely manufactured and highly characterized nanoparticles.
  • Our product sales are growing exponentially as we establish ourselves as a premier source for precisely engineered nanomaterials. Internally developed technology is allowing us to increase the scale of plasmonic nanoparticle production by orders of magnitude with a commensurate reduction in cost. Our manufacturing capabilities are opening up new markets and represent a large and growing opportunity.

Investment Opportunities

Fully capitalizing on our opportunities will require external capital and we are currently collecting a list of interested parties for future investment opportunities. To be included in updates associated with the commercialization of nanoComposix technologies, please send an email with your name and contact information to