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Photothermal Therapies

Hyperthermia uses heat as a non-chemical treatment for disease. Plasmonic nanoparticles are very efficient at absorbing light in the visible/infrared regions of the spectrum and releasing the energy as heat, and have enabled more sophisticated and effective hyperthermia and photothermal treatments. Many clinical trials using nanoparticles are in progress, including treatments for head and neck cancer, light-pigmented hair removal, and acne therapy.  A related application is to use the photothermal properties of nanoparticles to rapidly thaw frozen embryos and tissue without damage.    

Nanoparticles for Photothermal Therapies

Infrared absorbing plasmonic nanoparticles efficiently convert laser light into heat.  Gold nanorods, gold nanoshells and silver nanoplates can all be engineered to efficiently absorb light at target wavelengths (typically, 600 nm – 1100 nm).  Magnetic nanoparticles can also be used in hyperthermia applications by heating with radio frequency (RF) fields, and thus have the advantage of much deeper penetration of the heating energy compared with light penetration into the body.  Typically, particles are surface functionalized to provide stability and biocompatibility. 

How We Can Help

NanoComposix has a comprehensive library of plasmonic nanoparticles that can be manufactured under our ISO13485 and GMP quality system to produce biocompatible, sterile, low-endotoxin materials suitable for clinical trials and supply.  Gold nanorods, gold nanoshells, and silver nanoplates are the most common materials used for photothermal applications, and can be coated with silica or PEGylated.  The particles can be further functionalized with antibodies to target particles to a region of interest. 

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