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Why Buy From Us?

  • Narrow size distributions and no aggregation
  • TEM, UV-Visible spectroscopy, and DLS data
    provided with every batch
  • Guaranteed to meet specification

Gold & Silver Nanospheres

Precisely Engineered

Monodisperse with narrow size distributions. Electron microscopy, optical spectroscopy, and hydrodynamic diameter data provided with every batch. Available with a wide variety of surfaces.

Aqueous Gold
Stable in water.Learn more

Aqueous Silver
Stable in water.Learn more

Non-Aqueous Gold
Stable in organic solvents.Learn more

Non-Aqueous Silver
Stable in organic solvents.Learn more

Silver Plates

Tuned Wavelengths

Silver nanoplates are surface plasmon resonant (SPR) platelet-shaped nanoparticles that have extremely large absorbing and scattering cross-sections across the visible and near-IR regions of the spectrum. By precisely controlling the plate diameter and thickness, the nanoplate's optical resonance can be tuned to peak at specific wavelengths (550 nm-1000 nm). Learn more

Gold Nanoshells

Engineered for the Infrared

Gold nanoshells are nanoscale silica cores that are surrounded by an ultra-thin gold shell. The gold nanoshells can be tuned to strongly absorb or scatter light at any wavelength in the visible and near-IR regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Learn more

Redispersible Powders

Your Choice of Solvent

Our dried silver nanopowders are formulated with polymer or alkanethiol surface coatings which allow the nanoparticles to easily be redispersed as unagglomerated dispersions in a variety of solvents. We have verified the redispersion with transmission electron microscopy (TEM), UV-visible spectroscopy and dynamic light scattering.

Learn more

Learn more

Silica Coated Spheres

Increased Versatility

A wide range of core sizes and shell thicknesses with different surface functionalizations are available.

Learn more

Learn more

Solid Silica Spheres

Narrow Size Distribution

We also produce solid silica spheres at diameters of 20 nm and up. Learn more

Silver Nanowires

High Aspect Ratio

nanoComposix's silver nanowires have thicknesses of <100 nm and lengths as long as 40 microns. With aspect ratios (length:width) of up to 500, our silver nanowires have unique electronic and thermal conductive properties, and are commonly used as components in coatings and composites. Learn more


Magnetically Responsive

Unagglomerated and monodisperse, with mean diameter of 20 nm. Learn more

Custom Nanoparticles

Rapid and Affordable Custom Synthesis

Need a nanoparticle with a particular size, material or surface coating? Looking for a multi-functional nanoparticle with magnetic or fluorescent components? Want a nanoparticle that binds to a specific target? We specialize in fabricating a wide variety of custom nanomaterials for academic and industrial customers. Learn more