5 nm Silver Nanospheres

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As a global leader in silver nanoparticle production, nanoComposix specializes in providing high-purity and monodisperse nanomaterials – delivering the quality you need for consistent results.

5 nm spherical silver nanoparticles combine strong plasmonic optical properties with antimicrobial capabilities. These nanoparticles are useful in a broad range of applications including conductive composites, biosensors, sensing, photovoltaics, and more.

nanoComposix provides high quality nanomaterials that are precisely engineered and highly characterized. All products are supplied with batch-specific CoA’s including TEM, DLS, Zeta, and UV-Vis characterization data.

Intended for Research Use Only. Contact us for custom formulations, ISO 13485/cGMP compliant materials, or click below for bulk supply requirements.

Surface Citrate
Description Easiest standard surface to displace with other molecules.
Solvent 2 mM sodium citrate solution
Surface chemistry Sodium citrate
TEM Diameter 5 ± 2 nm
CV ≤ 25%
Example Certificate of Analysis (CoA) Download
Safety Data Sheet (SDS) 1 mg/mL (BioPure)
Storage & Handling Download
Expected Ranges
pH of solution 7.0–8.0
Peak wavelength (λmax) 395–515 nm