AmpliDetect – Nucleic Acid Lateral Flow (NALF)

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AmpliDetect is a quick, cost-effective solution that eliminates both the use of expensive nucleic acid dyes and the need to perform gel-electrophoresis for verification of amplification.

nanoComposix’s AmpliDetect assay is a universal tool for simple and quick detection of nucleic acid sequences and other molecules labeled with fluorescein (FITC/FAM) and biotin. Unlike other systems, AmpliDetect incorporates nanoComposix’s high-sensitivity gold nanoshell reporters to increase visual intensity by up to 20% and reduce the amount of sample required for optimal device performance – enabling detection of your target of interest in just 10 minutes.

  • On-par or stronger positive signal reporting compared to a leading competitor amplicon (Biotin-FITC) assay
  • Lower false-positive signal reporting compared to a leading competitor amplicon (Biotin-FITC) assay
  • High sensitivity, lower background and lower non-specific Binding (NSB) achieved through specific affinity reagents and Gold Nanoshell reporter particles
  • Complementary technical and assay development support available upon request; contact us at

The kit includes the following components:

  • AmpliDetect Lateral Flow Test Cassette Devices: box of 25 tests
  • Assay Running Buffer: 25 mL