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VeriTick Test Kit

The VeriTick Test Kit determines whether or not a tick is carrying the Lyme Disease causing bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi (within 95% accuracy).
  • Fast & accurate result in 20 minutes*
  • Suitable for ticks removed from adults, children, pets
  • Gives doctors & vets critical diagnostic information

The result from this test can aid your doctor or veterinarian in determining a correct diagnosis and course of treatment.** If you are experiencing any symptoms, consult your doctor or veterinarian immediately.

Kit Contents: easy-to-use Tick Disruption Device, Extraction Buffer, Test Strip

Instructions: carefully remove tick, place into grinder & grind, add extraction buffer, insert strip for yes/no result in 20 minutes

Download instructions for use


* Versus 3 days for competitors
** Test will not determine whether or not a person or pet will contract Lyme disease


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