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NanoComposix provides full-service lateral flow assay development services using novel ultra-sensitive nanoparticle reporters, covalent binding chemistry, and quantitative smartphone-based reader technologies. 

We Can Help at Any & Every Step

  • Technical support for selection of BioReady nanoparticles and successful integration into your system
  • Full contract lateral flow assay development or flexibility to assist with any Phase in your development cycle

Why Choose nanoComposix?

  • ISO13485 compliant in-house manufacturing of prototype lots with up to 50,000 test strips and scaled manufacturing partners worldwide for larger quantities
  • Development of competitive and sandwich assay formats for the detection of wide variety of analytes including protein hormone, steroid hormone, protein/protein complex, peptide, serological response (IgM & IgG antibodies), drugs of abuse, fungal infection, bacteria, and virus
  • Integration with multiple reader technologies for rapid, mobile, and quantitative point of care applications
  • Over $5 million awarded for government contracts to develop next generation lateral flow devices

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