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BioReady Conjugation Starter Kit

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New to covalent conjugation? Need increased assay sensitivity?

Imagine an optimized system with time-after-time consistency that provides increased sensitivity and saves you time and money!

Benefits of the kit include:

  • Pre-validated consumables eliminate the risk of purchasing non-compatible reagents, saving weeks to months of unnecessary troubleshooting
  • Increase your assay sensitivity up to 20-fold with gold nanoshells compared to 40 nm gold* nanoparticles
  • Reduces antibody costs up to 65% compared to physisorption
  • Increases conjugate stability in a wide range of sample matrices
  • Eliminates the need for repeated pH and salt sweeps for each new lot of gold nanoparticles
  • Saves time by reducing the number of conjugations necessary to find optimal antibody pairs
  • Precisely controls the number of antibodies on the particle surface and extends the dynamic range in competitive assay formats
  • Includes answers to frequently asked questions and troubleshooting tips to help you rapidly succeed in your diagnostic development projects

Already a conjugation expert? This kit eliminates the need to pre-screen and validate critical reagents and supplies to ensure your best chance of success when starting out with covalent conjugation to gold nanoshells*.

*Interested in a 40 nm or 80 nm Gold Starter Kit? Get all the benefits of robust covalent conjugates and a kit with pre-validated reagents and protocols. Contact us for more info.


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Which Surface Should I Choose?

Surface Binding type Pros Cons
Carboxyl Learn more + Covalent
  • Maximizes sensitivity
  • More cost effective at large production scales
  • Requires additional EDC/Sulfo-NHS activation step

BioReady carboxyl (–COOH) gold is an effective and economical nanoparticle for covalent conjugations to proteins through carbodiimide crosslinker chemistry. Covalent coupling of proteins (e.g. antibodies) to a gold nanoparticle surface yields robust and stable gold particle conjugates. The nanoparticles are surface functionalized with a tightly bound monolayer that contains terminal carboxylic acid functional groups which can be activated through EDC/Sulfo-NHS chemistry to generate gold nanoparticle-antibody amide bonds. The EDC/Sulfo-NHS chemistry requires an extra step to activate the carboxyl group but can be performed at scale at reasonable cost, making carboxyl gold the most cost-effective method of covalently binding antibodies to gold.

Certificate of Analysis Examples

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Product Line Surface Example CoA Product # Price
150 nm Gold Nanoshells, Carboxyl, 20 OD, 10 mL Download Example ↓ GSZR150-10M $495+
150 nm Gold Nanoshells, Carboxyl, 20 OD, 10 mL + 4 hours of consulting GSZR150-10M $895+

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Gold nanoshells produced under license to US patent numbers 6,344,272, 6,685,986, and 7,371,457. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information.