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Case Studies

At nanoComposix, we help clients develop innovative and practical solutions for the fabrication of precisely engineered nanomaterials. Collaboration is a key driver in technology development and by openly sharing data and results with our clients, we can rapidly solve fabrication and integration challenges. Our multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers brings decades of nanofabrication and processing expertise to projects and helps our clients accelerate their commercial development.

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Why Choose nanoComposix?

Scientific Rigor

We select performance metrics based on the requirements of the final product, and identify the critical parameters for the development of high yield, scalable and reproducible manufacturing and processing methods.

Full Disclosure

Interested in seeing weekly or monthly summaries of our data and results? We provide written reports, access to lab notebooks, and regular conference calls to answer questions and collaboratively make strategic decisions about the project direction.


Our interdisciplinary team has a proven history of developing innovative solutions to tough problems and delivering cost-effective solutions that exceeds our customer's expectations.


Our partnership, as well as all work and data associated with the R&D effort, will remain fully confidential.

Whether you work for a government agency, non-profit foundation, academic institution, or commercial business, the nanoComposix team can help you.

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