Bulk Nanoparticle Manufacturing

Leverage nanoComposix’s High-Volume Nanomaterial Production Expertise

nanoComposix offers over 20 years of experience crafting high quality metal and metal oxide nanomaterials for researchers and industry leaders worldwide. We are a trusted partner for bulk manufacturing, ensuring consistent quality and scalability for your project’s needs.

Our nanoparticle manufacturing capabilities range from hundreds of milliliters to hundreds of liters, based on material and customer requirements. This combination of quality and scale enables our nanomaterials to provide both significant value and cost-savings in diverse applications such as lateral flow assays, coatings, sensors, and more.

Ready to scale up your nanomaterial production? Contact nanoComposix today to discuss your bulk order requirements.

What We Offer

Tiered Bulk Discounts

Consistent High Quality

GMP Compliant Batches Available

ISO 13485:2016 Certified Company

Bulk Nanomaterials Available

Bring down your cost without compromising on quality! The same catalog products you love with tiered pricing tailored to your application’s volume and timeline needs.

Example Price Conversion Tables

40 nm Streptavidin Gold Nanospheres, 10 OD (AUIR40)
Volume Price of 1 mL at 1 OD
200 µL $75.00
1 mL $47.50
5 mL $38.10
10 mL $32.15
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50 nm Silver, 0.02 mg/mL (AGCN50) 50 nm Silica, 10 mg/mL (SISN50)
Volume Price per mg
25 mL $0.84
50 mL $125.00
100 mL $95.00 $0.76
500 mL $72.00 $0.69
1 L $60.00 $0.60
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