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Our Distributors

United States


Fisher Scientific

International Distributors



China · 中国

Biohub International Trade Co. Ltd.

China Machinery Industry International Cooperation Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Xinshengyuan Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

European Union (Except U.K.)

For U.K. orders, please order through our U.K. distributor

nanoComposix Europe (NanoTech Partner s.r.o.)

Hong Kong · 香港

Sun Yuen Technology Limited

India · भारत

Voila Scientific Needs Pvt. Ltd.

Japan · 日本

GEMI nanoComposix Inc.

Korea · 대한민국

BnGKorea Co. Ltd.

CNVision Co. Ltd.

Kim & Friends, Inc.


i-DNA Biotechnology Pte. Ltd.

Singapore · Singapura

i-DNA Biotechnology Pte. Ltd.

Taiwan · 台灣

MiteK Lab Co., Ltd.

United Kingdom

Stratech Scientific Limited