Aluminum Nanoparticles

Aluminum (Al) nanoparticles have unique optical, physical, and chemical properties that make them candidates for use in a variety of applications, ranging from nanophotonics and catalysis, to the preparation of high energy composites. Through precise control of the synthetic process, nanoComposix has the ability to fabricate a variety of shapes and sizes and to optimize properties for your application.

To learn more about the unique applications and properties of aluminum nanoparticles, please review our nanoComposix University page.

Samples Available for Purchase

Small-scale samples are available for purchase, please contact our team to request a quote and indicate the lot # and quantity you are interested in.

Custom Synthesis & Contract Development

While many other manufacturers use “top-down” synthesis methods to break down bulk aluminum into nanoparticles, nanoComposix uses colloidal synthesis methods to fabricate aluminum nanoparticles, yielding high purity particles with precise control of morphology and size.

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Aluminum Nanoparticles Aluminum Concave Cubes
Lot # BDC0917 Lot # BDC0903
Photo of octahedral aluminum nanoparticles Photo of concave cubed aluminum nanoparticles
Average size of 73 ± 7 nm
Average size of 80 ± 9 nm
Sample Pricing: $50/mg*
*Samples limited to quantities < 20 mg
Sample Pricing: $50/mg*
*Samples limited to quantities < 20 mg

Summary of Aluminum Nanoparticle Synthetic Capabilities


We are able to tune aluminum nanoparticle size from 15 nm to over 500 nm.


Our aluminum nanoparticles can be provided in a number of different shapes, including: concave cubes, cubes, spheres, octahedra, triangular prisms, and wires.


The native oxide surface is a scaffold for surface modifications ranging from metal oxide shells such as silica to organic ligands including, polystyrene, polydopamine, and small linker molecules.

Concentration & Matrix

Our aluminum nanoparticles are typically supplied at < 10 mg/mL in 1-propanol or in toluene for polystyrene modified aluminum nanoparticles.

Other properties

Chemically synthesized aluminum nanoparticles have the highest purity available with over 90% active aluminum metal content. Lyophilized powders and dried samples are available upon request.

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