Custom Nanoparticles

At nanoComposix, we understand the need for unique solutions. Our multi-disciplinary team of scientists have provided custom nanomaterial formulations with tailored optical and physical properties for a wide range of applications including medical devices, drug delivery, optical sensors, and consumer products.

In addition to our standard products, we have a selection of non-catalog materials available for purchase. Don't see what you’re looking for here? Contact our team today to get started on the nanomaterials you need – be it a modification of a standard product or a fully customized formulation.

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What Can Be Customized?


Need a material composition we haven’t listed? Our scientists have experience synthesizing a wide variety of metal, oxide, semiconductor, and polymer nanomaterials. Whether you need process optimization and scale-up of an existing protocol, or the development of a new chemistry, we can help create your desired material.

TEM image of ZnO


Need a shape you don’t see listed? Our team has years of experience in the controlled nucleation and growth of nanoparticles to produce a variety of anisotropic materials, including nanocubes, nanoplates, bipyramids, and more.

TEM image of TiO2


We stock a wide range of particle sizes and can fabricate additional sizes on demand. Many of our metal nanoparticles can be fabricated with nanometer control over dimensions up to 200 nm. Polymer, metal oxide, and core/shell particles can be produced with sizes up to 1 µm.

TEM image of greater than 500 nm silver nanocubes

Optical Properties

We can tune the absorbance and scattering of materials throughout the visible and infrared spectrum by changing the morphology and composition of the nanomaterials. Additionally, we can incorporate fluorophores for light emission at desired wavelengths or attach reporter molecules to give strong Raman signals.

Learn more about optical properties of nanomaterials in our Knowledge Base.

TEM image of greater than 600 nm silver nanorods

Surface Chemistry & Conjugation

Need a specific surface charge, spacing ligand, or conjugated biomolecule? Our standard gold and silver nanoparticles have a variety of different anionic, cationic, neutral, and hydrophobic capping ligands available. Our scientists are adept at fabricating nanomaterials with specific functional groups, polymers, biomolecules, and inorganic coatings, as well as working in various types of solvents.

Learn more about surface chemistry options in our Knowledge Base.

TEM image of large pore mesoporous silica


Need solutions with a high optical density, or concentrated as an additive for composites? We have developed techniques for processing and stabilizing particles at high concentrations. Need something less concentrated for immediate use in your application? We can work with you to do that, too.

TEM image of iron oxide

ISO/cGMP Compliance

We are experts in nanomaterials fabrication for every phase of development from proof-of-concept through commercial manufacturing. Our team is ready to support your project from design and scale-up to full production under cGMP/QSR controls and our ISO 13485:2016 quality system.

40 nm BioReady Gold


Already have the nanomaterial properties you need, but just need more? Our process development and manufacturing teams have extensive experience in the scale-up and bulk manufacture of a wide variety of nanoparticles, ensuring scalability without sacrificing quality.

Manufacturing at nanoComposix

Non-Catalog Samples Available for Purchase

Small-scale samples of a variety of nanomaterial compositions and shapes are available for purchase. Some examples of available products are included below. Please contact our team to request a quote and indicate the particle type and quantity you are interested in.

Nanoparticle Type Size or Resonance Surface Example TEM
Gold bipyramids 740 nm resonant Citrate, Carboxyl, mPEG gold bipyramids
Silver nanospheres 5 nm PVP silver nanospheres
Radial mesoporous silica nanospheres 100 nm Silanol Radial mesoporous silica nanospheres
Platinum nanospheres 140 nm Carboxyl platinum nanospheres
Many more shapes and sizes available – contact us with your request

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