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Lateral Flow Assay Products & Services

From Concept to Commercialization

We’ll take your Lateral Flow Assay to the Next Level

Whether you are a global IVD company or a virtual start-up, developing and commercializing a lateral flow assay can present many challenges. Maybe you’re not able to achieve the clinically relevant range of your analyte, require extra manufacturing capacity to meet increased demand, or have a concept for an assay but need a trusted, experienced partner to make it a reality.

You’ve come to the right place.

nanoComposix is a full-service lateral flow development company specializing in the design and manufacture of ultra-sensitive quantitative diagnostic assays. Our services span all phases of the development cycle from feasibility to manufacturing. We also offer industry-leading technologies for increasing assay sensitivity as well as starter kits to help you build and optimize your lateral flow assay.

End-to-End Solutions for Development through Commercialization

Why Partner with nanoComposix

Development of competitive and sandwich assay formats for protein hormones, steroid hormones, protein/protein complexes, peptide, serological response (IgM and IgG antibodies), drugs of abuse, fungal infection, bacteria, and viruses

Integration with multiple reader technologies for rapid, mobile, and quantitative point of care applications

Twenty years of manufacturing and optimizing colloidal gold, gold reagents, and robust, reproducible conjugates

Proprietary Gold Nanoshells for the most sensitive quantitative and semi-quantitative visual detection, eliminating the need for costly filters or lenses

ISO 13485 (2016) Certified, FDA-registered developer and contract manufacturer of prototype lots with up to 50,000 test strips and scaled manufacturing partners worldwide for larger quantities

On-site manufacturing of colloidal gold and gold Nanoshells ensure a robust supply chain and enable large-scale production of strips and conjugates

High-Volume Lateral Flow Assay Manufacturing

With our high-throughput lateral flow assay manufacturing capabilities, nanoComposix is the efficient solution to help bring your company’s completed assays to market.

+ Equipment & Expertise

Our resident biochemistry experts and on-site commercial-scale automated manufacturing provide unparalleled flexibility from start to finish, helping medical device companies bring new products to market with ease.

Case Studies

+ Development of food safety assay using novel nanoparticles

+ Manufacture of validation lots of full rapid test kits under nanoComposix Quality Management System

+ Novel particles used for assay development, helped reach the limit of detection

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