TEM images of silica coated gold nanoparticles and Hollow Porous Silica (HoPS) drug delivery nanoparticles. Bionanotechnology is an emerging field which exists at the interface of biology and nanomaterials science. At nanoComposix, we fabricate nanomaterials that are designed to perform a specific function when added to a biological system. In many cases the particles that we create have multi-functional capabilities that can include the ability to be tracked within the body, deliver a specific compound at a controlled rate, be targeted to a particular location, or to remotely kill cells once the particles have reached their destination. Specific functionalities that can be engineered into the particles include fluorescence, magnetic properties, light scattering, and drug delivery. In many cases, biomolecules (e.g. antibodies, oligonucleotides, peptides, or Fab fragments) are bound to the particle surface to direct the particle to a specific location. Long circulation times are obtained by protecting the particles with a stealth layer that allows the nanoparticle to avoid the body’s scavenging mechanisms.

Examples of technologies developed at nanoComposix include Hollow Porous Silica (HoPS) drug delivery vehicles for cancer therapeutics, targeted liposomal drug delivery systems, and ultrabright fluorescent tags for highly sensitive biological assays.

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