NIST releases nanoComposix Silver Nanoparticle Reference Standard

nanoComposix Supplies the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) a new silver nanoparticle reference material for researchers developing a growing number of consumer and industrial products.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has released a new silver nanoparticle reference material based on nanoComposix’s silver nanoparticles (see NIST Press Release). The new NIST test material is believed to be the first of its kind to stabilize reactive silver particles in a freeze-dried, polymer coated, nanoparticle cake for long-term storage. Nanoparticulate silver has a variety of uses including for a highly effective bactericide and is one of the most widely used nanomaterial in consumer products. These consumer products include socks and shoe liners (to reduce odor), stain-resistant fabrics, coatings for handrails and keyboards, and many other applications.  

Our silver nanoparticles have extraordinary properties at the nanoscale that are enabling a wave of innovative commercial products. Many of these new applications are in the field of bionanotechnology, where the strong interaction between silver nanoparticles and specific wavelengths of light is utilized for applications such as sensing, detection, imaging, lateral flow assays, diagnostics and therapeutics. We're now manufacturing these products under cGMP which allows our materials to be used in medical devices and nanomedicine applications.