Expanded Manufacturing Capability for Large Scale Production of 40 nm Gold Nanoparticles

SAN DIEGO, California – nanoComposix has improved its process development for scaling up the 40 nm gold citrate particles for use in lateral flow diagnostic assays. This capability can expand production to at least 100 L at 20 OD, enough to support the manufacturing of 30–50 million lateral flow strips per month. The proprietary process developed by nanoComposix ensures that the particles remain stable and have consistent size distribution, even at larger scales, for more robust and reproducible assays. High production capacity also allows for more competitive pricing, facilitates better shipping and storage logistics, decreases cost of raw material for the customers, and shortens the lead time for bulk volume orders. nanoComposix can currently offer the scaled 40 nm citrate gold as part of its standard product offering. These nanometer gold nanoparticles are delivered with nanoComposix’s famous full characterization analysis it does for smaller scales.

About nanoComposix

nanoComposix is a world leader in nanomaterial research and development, nanoparticle processing, and quality manufacturing at small and large scales under its ISO 13485:2016 registered Quality Management System. For nearly 20 years, nanoComposix has provided nanomaterials to thousands of customers and for varied uses including Lateral Flow Assays, Drug Delivery, Plasmonics, Optical Engineering, Surface Coatings, and more.

Hundreds of different variants of material, size, shape, and surface are available as standard products and we have produced over 2000 custom core/shell, biofunctionalized, fluorescent, and magnetic nanocomposites to meet client specifications. nanoComposix produced the NIST nanosilver reference material and our particles have been utilized in more than 2000 peer-reviewed publications. All of our materials are supplied with certificates of analysis that include electron microscopy, hydrodynamic diameter, and optical data to guarantee that every batch meets product specifications.

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Lateral Flow Product Manager
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