nanoComposix Establishes Partnership with Veritas for Distribution of nanoComposix Nanoparticles in Japan

SAN DIEGO, California – nanoComposix has announced that they have partnered with Veritas ( to improve access for customers in Japan to the suite of nanoparticle products and services offered by nanoComposix (, a manufacturer of a wide variety of nanoparticle products for use in lateral flow assays, drug delivery, anti-microbials, optical displays and many more applications.

NanoComposix specializes in the fabrication and characterization of nanoparticles, offering hundreds of standard products in its catalog, all of which can be manufactured under GMP quality guidelines. nanoComposix also produces nanomaterials on a custom basis, including a range of core/shell, biofunctionalized, fluorescent, and magnetic nanocomposites to meet client specifications. Each sample is provided with a certificate of analysis listing a full suite of material characterization data including optical measurements, electron microscopy analysis, hydrodynamic diameter, and pH readings to ensure compliance with the company’s stringent product specifications. nanoComposix is a scalable contract manufacturer with the ability to produce materials on scales ranging from milligrams to kilograms. Nanomaterials for medical devices and clinical trials are fabricated in ISO13485 and cGMP compliant cleanroom facilities. By leveraging its unique library of nanomaterials and production capabilities, nanoComposix aims to help customers rapidly bring nanotechnology-enabled products from conception to commercialization.

Veritas, founded as a venture technical trade company in 1972, is known today for its cutting-edge bioscience technologies from a range of suppliers around the world. Product areas of focus include immunology, hematology, cell biology, microbiology, and expression monitoring, in addition to HLA analysis, drug screening and toxicity testing, environmental and food testing, and regenerative medicine. The company uses its strategic position to focus on providing excellent sales, marketing, and technical support for a suite of products that are directly aligned with its goals and target markets. Veritas takes a unique approach to customize products and consultations to give each sector the attention it deserves and strategically optimize customer experience. Their central office and main distribution center are in the Hamamatsucho Minato-ku district of Tokyo, with sales and marketing personnel who make frequent visits to customers throughout Japan. This model allows them to maintain their commitment to building long-term relationships by gaining the trust and mutual respect of their client base.

Veritas will leverage nanoComposix’s range of products to target diverse techniques and life science assays. Both companies are eager for the opportunity to work together to provide excellent products and customer service to customers across Japan.

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About nanoComposix

nanoComposix is a San Diego, California company that fabricates nanomaterials with an unprecedented level of quality and control. Their multi-disciplinary technical teams utilize a proprietary nanoscale tool-kit to develop custom nanomaterials for commercial, academic, and government clients for biotechnology, electronics, material science, defense and aerospace applications. Through the establishment of open and collaborative relationships, the company rapidly generates innovative solutions to their clients’ most challenging R&D challenges. nanoComposix markets their products directly and through distributors and licensing partners worldwide.