nanoComposix Partners with BIOZOL Diagnostica Vertrieb GmbH to Widen Distribution of nanoComposix Nanoparticles to Customers Across Germany

SAN DIEGO, California – nanoComposix has signed an agreement with BIOZOL Diagnostica Vertrieb GmbH ( to broaden the distribution of nanoComposix products to customers throughout Germany and Austria. nanoComposix ( manufactures an array of nanomaterials to enable development of technologies ranging from lateral flow assay diagnostics and targeted drug delivery, to optical displays and lighting applications. The company offers hundreds of different variants of material, size, shape, and surface as standard products and has produced thousands of custom core/shell, biofunctionalized, fluorescent, and magnetic nanocomposites to meet client specifications. All materials are provided with certificates of analysis that include electron microscopy, hydrodynamic diameter, and optical measurements for each batch to guarantee products meet specifications. Contract manufacturing is performed on scales ranging from small beakers to thousands of liters. Nanomaterials for medical devices and clinical trials are produced in ISO13485 and cGMP compliant cleanroom facilities.

BIOZOL Diagnostica Vertrieb GmbH markets and distributes products for immunology, cell biology, molecular biology, biochemistry and human and veterinary diagnostics, such as antibodies, recombinant proteins, ELISA/EIA, detection kits, biochemicals and further reagents for cell culture, flow cytometry, immunohistology and cytogenetics.

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About NanoComposix

nanoComposix is a San Diego, California company that fabricates nanomaterials with unprecedented quality and control. Their multi-disciplinary technical teams utilize a proprietary nanoscale tool-kit to develop custom nanomaterials for commercial, academic, and government clients for biotechnology, electronics, material science, defense and aerospace applications. Through the establishment of open and collaborative relationships, the company rapidly generates innovative solutions to their clients’ most challenging R&D challenges. nanoComposix markets their products directly and through distributors and licensing partners worldwide.