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Many promising therapies are limited by the inefficiencies of drug delivery. Encapsulation of a drug within a nanoparticle can increase efficacy and reduce toxicity by providing greater control over release rate, or by triggering the release at a particular time or location. By controlling the size, shape, surface, charge, and biodegradability of various types of particles, nanomedical formulations have shown efficacy in the clinic with many magnetic particle, liposome and nano-polymer based therapies approved for human use.

Nanoparticles for Nanomedical Applications

Plasmonic nanoparticles (gold and silver) can be tailored to strongly absorb specific wavelengths of light and have shown promise for photothermal therapies (acne, hair removal, skin cancer). Hollow and porous nanoparticles can be chemically functionalized to bind drug molecules and then subsequently release the drug when the particle reaches its target. Magnetic components provide strong MRI contrast agents and can be integrated into composite theranostic particles that both deliver drugs and track the therapeutic within the body.

How We Can Help

NanoComposix has collaborated with multi-national companies, universities and start-ups to develop nanoparticles for bionanotechnology and nanomedicine products. We can rapidly prototype early stage ideas and, if successful, can fabricate particles under a GMP and ISO13485 compliant quality system for clinical trials. While we specialize in metal/metal oxide multi-component composites with biofuntionalized surfaces, we also work with “soft” delivery systems such as micelles, liposomes and biodegradable polymers.  

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