Silver nanocubes are garnering considerable attention due to their distinctive morphology that imparts unique optical, electric, and chemical properties that are highly tunable. Their cubic structure and interesting characteristics can be used in a broad range of applications including plasmonic sensing, surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS), metamaterials, catalysis, and bionanotechnology for next-generation point-of-care diagnostics. Learn more about silver nanocubes ❯

  • Sizes of 55, 75, and 100 nm, with guaranteed CV ≤ 15%
  • TEM, UV-Vis, DLS, and Zeta Potential characterization data for every batch
  • PVP-stabilized surfaces, and are provided at 1 mg/mL in ethanol

Smaller and larger silver nanocubes are available by custom request. Learn more about silver nanocubes ❯

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