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Dodecanethiol is a hydrophobic molecule that provides particles with solubility in organic solvents, compatibility with non-polar polymer composite materials and allows for dispersion in low surface-energy solvents for coating applications requiring uniform particle deposition. The thiol group provides a very strong bond to the gold particle surface, leaving the hydrophobic alkyl chain exposed to solution. The dodecane thiol gives steric stability by providing a physical barrier that prevents particle aggregation in the dried state and allows particles to be dried and re-suspended in organic solvents without particle agglomeration.

Dodecanethiol is only available for sub-10 nm sizes of gold and silver; for larger sizes, we recommend polystyrene.


  • Disperses in organic solvents
  • Can be dried (solvent evaporated at ambient pressure or vacuum assisted) and redispersed without agglomeration

Representative Source: 1-dodecanethiol MW 202.40 (Sigma Aldrich, 471364)

Comparison to Alternatives

  • Displaceable: Not displaceable – strongly bound to the particle surface via the thiol
  • Soluble in non-polar solvents


  • Biodiagnostic and nanomedicine applications
  • Photothermal applications
  • In-vitro and in-vivo toxicology experiments
  • Incorporation of particles in non-polar solvents and materials