80 nm Silica Nanospheres

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  • Unagglomerated and monodisperse
  • Mean diameter: 80 nm ± 4 nm
  • Size distribution (CV) < 12%
  • Silica mass concentration of 10 mg/mL
  • Provided either as a dried powder or in solution at 10 mg/mL; standard silica particles are provided in water and amine-terminated silica particles are provided in ethanol

Product Lines

Tight Size
Wide Variety
of Surfaces
Guaranteed Sterile
& Endotoxin-Free
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(certain products)

(certain products)
  • Monodisperse and unagglomerated
  • Standard colloidal concentration
  • Seven standard surfaces (citrate, tannic, PVP, lipoic acid, PEG, BPEI, silica)

Which Surface Should I Choose?

Surface Displaceable Salt
Stable in
Stable in
Stable in
Polar Organics
Stable in
Non-Polar Organics
Conjugatable Charge
at pH 7
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  • Increased particle stability in a wide range of solvents
  • Versatile conjugation surface for attaching functional groups or creating hydrophobic or fluorophillic surfaces
  • Nanoporous structure allows low molecular weight molecules to be loaded into the shell
  • Many custom coatings are available to provide specific functionality at the particle surface or create particles compatible with different solvents or composites
  • Contact us to discuss your application and custom surface functionalization needs

Certificate of Analysis Examples

Please note that these are representative Certificates of Analyses (CoAs) provided as examples for this product. We provide a unique batch-specific CoA with each product during shipment; only the CoA that arrives with your product should be referred to for actual characterization and measurement data. If you would like an electronic copy of the CoA for the product you received or the material(s) we currently have in stock, please contact us.

Product Line Surface Example Certificate of Analysis Product # Price
N NanoXact, 10 mg/mL Standard (Silanol) SISN80-10M $55+
N NanoXact, 10 mg/mL Standard (Silanol) SISN80-25M $125+
N NanoXact, 10 mg/mL Standard (Silanol) SISN80-50M $215+
N NanoXact, 10 mg/mL Standard (Silanol) SISN80-100M $405+
N NanoXact, 10 mg/mL Aminated/Cationic SIAN80-10M $80+
N NanoXact, 10 mg/mL Aminated/Cationic SIAN80-25M $165+
N NanoXact, 10 mg/mL Aminated/Cationic SIAN80-50M $305+
N NanoXact, 10 mg/mL Aminated/Cationic SIAN80-100M $575+
D NanoXact, Dried Standard (Silanol) SISD80-100MG $55+
D NanoXact, Dried Standard (Silanol) SISD80-250MG $125+
D NanoXact, Dried Standard (Silanol) SISD80-500MG $215+
D NanoXact, Dried Standard (Silanol) SISD80-1000MG $405+
D NanoXact, Dried Aminated/Cationic SIAD80-100MG $80+
D NanoXact, Dried Aminated/Cationic SIAD80-250MG $165+
D NanoXact, Dried Aminated/Cationic SIAD80-500MG $305+
D NanoXact, Dried Aminated/Cationic SIAD80-1000MG $575+

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