Covalent Conjugation Kit – BioReady Gold Nanoshells

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Imagine an optimized system with time-after-time consistency that provides increased sensitivity and saves you time and money!

The High Sensitivity Conjugation Kit is a complete “classroom-in-a-box” with detailed protocols to help you produce robust covalently-bound conjugates. This kit is available with our ultra-bright 150 nm gold nanoshells as the reporter particle and includes everything you need to optimize your conjugations.

Benefits of the kit include:

  • Pre-validated consumables eliminate the risk of purchasing non-compatible reagents, saving weeks to months of unnecessary troubleshooting
  • Increase your assay sensitivity up to 20-fold with 150 nm gold nanoshells compared to 40 nm gold* nanoparticles
  • Reduces antibody costs up to 65% compared to physisorption
  • Saves time by reducing the number of conjugations necessary to find optimal antibody pairs
  • Increases conjugate stability in a wide range of sample matrices
  • Eliminates the need for repeated pH and salt sweeps for each new lot of gold nanoparticles
  • Precisely controls the number of antibodies on the particle surface and extends the dynamic range in competitive assay formats
  • Includes answers to frequently asked questions and troubleshooting tips to help you rapidly succeed in your diagnostic development projects

Already a conjugation expert? This kit eliminates the need to pre-screen and validate critical reagents and supplies to ensure your best chance of success when starting out with covalent conjugation to gold nanoshells*.

*Interested in a 40 nm or 80 nm gold kit? Get all the benefits of robust covalent conjugates and a kit with pre-validated reagents and protocols here.

Kit includes 10 mL of BioReady 150 nm Gold Nanoshells with a carboxyl surface, provided at 20 OD. See protocol for list of other buffers and reagents provided.

Surface Carboxyl
Description Covalently bound. Conjugatable surface.
Solvent 0.02 mM potassium carbonate
Surface chemistry Lipoic acid
TEM Diameter 155 ± 15 nm
CV ≤ 15%
Example Certificate of Analysis (CoA) Download
Safety Data Sheet (SDS) 20 OD (BioReady)
Storage & Handling Download
Protocols Antibody Purification
Kit Components
High Sensitivity Conjugation Kit Protocol
Covalent Conjugation Tutorial Video
Expected Ranges
Hydrodynamic diameter (DLS) 145–195 nm
Zeta potential ≤ –40 mV
pH of solution 6.0–9.5
Peak wavelength (λmax) 770–840 nm