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NanoXact Gold Nanospheres – Polystyrene·

Polystyrene coated particles have a hydrophobic surface that allows for dispersion in a wide range of polar organic solvents. Learn more ❯

NanoXact materials are high quality, unagglomerated and monodisperse nanoparticles. Learn more ❯

Provided at 1 mg/mL in methylbenzene – for instructions on transferring to another organic solvent, please see our Solvent Transfer Protocol.

For compatibility with linear hydrocarbon solvents, see our dodecanethiol-stabilized gold particles.



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Product number: AUYH10-1M

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Specifications & CoA

TEM Diameter Size Distribution (CV) Example Certificate of Analysis
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10 nm ± 2 nm ≤ 12% Download Example CoA
50 nm ± 4 nm ≤ 15% Download Example CoA
100 nm ± 5 nm ≤ 15% Download Example CoA
  • Hydrodynamic diameter (DLS): TEM diameter plus 50 to 100 nm
  • Particle surface: polystyrene 50 kDa
  • Solvent: methylbenzene
  • Peak wavelength (λmax): 530 to 600 nm

Molarity and particle concentration table ❯

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nanoComposix University

AUYH 10nm 50nm 100nm

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