Passive Conjugation Kit – BioReady Gold Colloid

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Use the BioReady Passive Conjugation Kit to conjugate any proteins to 40 nm and 80 nm bare citrate OD 20 gold particles.

Kit components:

  • BioReady 40 nm bare citrate gold, OD 20, 5 mL*
  • BioReady 80 nm bare citrate gold, OD 20, 5 mL*
  • Titration buffers covering pH 6.–9.7, 1 mL each
  • Blocking buffer, 5 mL*
  • Conjugate diluent, 5 mL*
  • 10% NaCl for salt test, 5 mL*

* Due to the current global supply shortage of bottles and caps, some reagents may be provided in different bottle types and capacities, with 5–10 mL of reagent included.

Our conjugation kit provides the flexibility to conjugate at any OD from 1 to 20. See Protocol below for more information.

Size 40 nm 80 nm
Surface Citrate
Description Easiest standard surface to displace with other molecules.
Solvent 0.2 mM sodium citrate
Surface chemistry Sodium citrate
Size 40 nm 80 nm
TEM Diameter 40 ± 4 nm 80 ± 5 nm
CV ≤ 15%
Size 40 nm 80 nm
Example Certificate of Analysis (CoA) Download Download
Safety Data Sheet (SDS) 20 OD (BioReady)
Storage & Handling Download
Protocols Antibody Purification
BioReady Passive Conjugation Kit
Expected Ranges
Size 40 nm 80 nm
Hydrodynamic diameter (DLS) TEM diameter + 0–10 nm
Zeta potential ≤ –25 mV
pH of solution 5.5–8.0
Peak wavelength (λmax) 520–550 nm