Ultra Uniform Gold Nanoparticle Number Standard

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Ultra Uniform materials are our most highly-monodispersed particles. Ideal for use as size standards or applications requiring a tight size distribution. Our Ultra Uniform Particle Number Standards provide additional characterization and careful formulation for applications that require a known particle number concentration. Learn more ❯

PEG-carboxyl is covalently bound to the metal surface. The acid provides a highly negatively charged surface and can be utilized for conjugation.

Provided at 108 particles/mL in aqueous 1 mM sodium citrate.


  • sp-ICP-MS: Single Particle Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectroscopy
  • NTA: Nano Tracking Analysis
  • TRPS: Tunable Resistive Pulse Sensing

White Paper

Surface PEG-Carboxyl
Description Covalently bound. Conjugatable surface.
Solvent 1 mM sodium citrate solution
Surface chemistry PEG12-carboxylic acid
TEM Diameter 30 ± 2 nm 50 ± 2 nm 100 ± 3 nm
CV, TEM ≤ 5%
CV, sp-ICP-MS ≤ 10%
Example Certificate of Analysis (CoA) 30 nm 50 nm 100 nm
Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Download
Storage & Handling Download
Expected Ranges
Concentration (sp-ICP-MS) 0.80–1.2 × 108 particles/mL
pH of solution 7.0–8.0