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    nanoComposix has one of the world’s largest libraries of precisely engineered and highly characterized gold nanoparticles including:


    • NanoXact spherical gold (10 - 200 nm) with citrate, PVP, and polystyrene and tannic acid surfaces
    • BioPure spherical gold (5 - 200 nm) with citrate, aminated, carboxyl, PEG and PVP surfaces 
    • BioReady spherical gold and gold nanoshells
    • Econix spherical gold with PVP (in water and dried)
    • Gold nanoshells with PVP, PEG and carboxyl
    • Gold nanorods with citrate, PEG and carboxyl
    • 2 nm and 5 nm organic functionalized gold (dodecanethiol)


    To help decide which product is best for your application, narrow your choice by diameter, shape, and surface below: