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Since 2004, nanoComposix has provided monodisperse and unagglomerated metal and metal-oxide nanomaterials to thousands of customers. Hundreds of different variants of material, size, shape, and surface are available as stock products and we have produced over 2000 custom core/shell, biofunctionalized, fluorescent, and magnetic nanocomposites to meet client specifications.

Nanospheres in Solution

Gold nanospheres in water, ranging from 5–100 nm and a wide variety of surfaces.
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Ultra Uniform

Nearly perfect spherical nanoparticles, with smooth surfaces and impressively narrow size distributions (CV < 5-6%).
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Surface plasmon resonant (SPR) nanoparticles with tunable aspect ratios, and available at peak resonances from 660–980 nm.
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Surface plasmon resonant (SPR) nanoparticles consisting of a nanoscale silica core surrounded by an ultra-thin gold shell, and available at peak resonances from 660–980 nm.
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Lateral Flow

Nanospheres and nanoshells optimized for conjugation and lateral flow applications, especially for assays that require high sensitivity.
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Silica Shelled

Silica shells increase stability in a wide range of solvents and provide a versatile conjugation surface.
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Gold nanopowders that are formulated with polymer or alkanethiol surface coatings which allow the nanoparticles to easily be redispersed as unagglomerated dispersions in a variety of solvents.
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Organic solvent-compatible gold nanospheres that disperse uniformly.
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Silver shelled gold nanoparticles with tunable core diameters and shell thicknesses.
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Need a size, shape, surface, or concentration that we don’t offer?
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